Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Web Hosting Company

Created a new website for your business and searching for a acceptable web host to put it on the World Wide Web? Are you planning to about-face from one aggregation to another? Then, this commodity is for you. Here, we will altercate some accepted mistakes that humans generally make.

Choosing the cheapest or chargeless web host

Cost shouldn’t be the alone archetype while choosing. Allotment the cheapest or chargeless web host is the aboriginal aberration that abounding humans tend to make. Here are some issues with chargeless services:

• Generally companies action chargeless alone if they do not accept 18-carat barter and to allure newbies. Such companies may go out of business any time and this will acreage you and your website in trouble.

• Chargeless hosting companies may put some third affair advertisements on your website that may abstract or abrade your visitors.

• Some scripts may not plan if you are beneath chargeless or bargain hosting. This may affect the loading acceleration of your site; abnormally if your website contains activated or video content.

• Some hosting companies that accommodate chargeless casework accomplish you accept their templates – you cannot accept a different affair for your website. Remember, the affair is actual important – it is like an character of your business.

• Sometimes, seek engines may not accord antecedence to the sites that are beneath bargain hosting. If seek engines don’t admit your site, you can’t benefit. All your efforts in creating the website will go in vain.

Going for a new company

Some new web hosting companies may action casework but abounding times they just do it to allure customers. Do not assurance up with them unless you appropriately appraise and affirm if those casework are absolutely advantageous for you. Also appraise if the aggregation is traveling to be long-term. Abounding new companies will not be able to advance their account or up-time for continued time. They just focus on accepting barter and ascent their business, afore they abutting down. It is consistently bigger to go for a aggregation that has been hosting websites for over 10 years.

Not account “Terms of Services” properly

Many humans while opting for a web hosting account avoid account the ToS and face problems afterwards signing up. Hosting companies usually highlight alone a few credibility that account their aggregation and try to de-emphasize added points. Note this and go through every point in ToS carefully. Know about acquittance policy, abandoning procedure, agreement, etc. properly. If you accept any doubts apropos the ToS, ask the hosting aggregation to clarify. It is your albatross to analysis the casework they action and altitude on them afore accepting the acceding with the hosting company.

These are the a lot of accepted mistakes that abounding humans tend to accomplish while allotment a web hosting company. So, be acquainted of all these credibility and accept a acceptable host with best services.

Website Due Diligence Checklist of 13 Items for Website Buyers

Many website buyers complete their due diligence and wonder if they have checked everything. This causes many buyers, especially inexperienced buyers, to freeze up, and hold off on moving forward to close the website purchase. Indecision can kill great investment opportunities. There’s a time for due diligence and there’s a time to close a deal.

Every website is different but they all have similar items that a buyer must verify during the due diligence process. The list below is not an exhaustive list because a website may have additional items that need verifying. But, at the very minimum, it is mandatory that a buyer verify these items below.

I have outlined a checklist of 13 items that every novice website buyer or experienced website buyer must verify before acquiring a website. The research tools included tell the buyer where to go to research and verify these items.

1. Whois

Check the ownership information publicly available on the domain name. It’s important to start by establishing that the seller legally owns the domain name and website that he’s selling.

This may sound obvious but, as a buyer, this is where you must begin your due diligence. Don’t just assume that the seller is the legal owner of the website. Verify it. If the Whois data is private, then have the seller send you emails from the specific domain name to prove that he owns it.

You can use for this research.

Whois will also provide you with extra details such as when the domain name was registered or acquired by the website seller. This should match the seller’s claims regarding how long he has owned and operated the website business. You can also verify the website’s history using which we’ll discuss below.


It’s important to understand how long the website has been online and what it looked like in the past. Enter the website URL in’s search engine to pull up its historical records. crawls and stores snapshots of web pages. This will tell you when the website was actually launched, which is often different from the registration date of the domain name. And you will be able to see what the website looked like in the past.

This will give you a good sense of the history and growth of the website. The information you glean here should match any claims made by the website seller regarding the history of the website.

3. Traffic

Check traffic numbers for the website by requesting read-only user access to the website’s traffic account. The seller will add your email address to its traffic account such as Google Analytics. You may view data but you will not have the Administrator’s ability to edit any settings.

In this way, you can log in, click around, and dig through the data to verify that it matches the traffic claims made by the seller.

4. Financials

Just as with Traffic, you must verify the financials of the website. The method of verification will depend on how the website earns and receives its money as well as how comfortable the seller is in giving you direct access to his financial data.

If the website makes money by Google AdSense, as with Analytics, the seller can give you limited user access to the data. You can log in and verify it. If the website receives PayPal payments, a similar user access method can be used. Most online payment systems have comparable user access features that a buyer can use to verify financial data.

In other cases, you may need to verify credit card statements, bank accounts, tax statements, or audited financials. In some cases, a seller can send you records directly from his financial institution.

Some sellers prefer to use video conferencing or shared computer screens (via Skype or GoToMeeting) to log in to their accounts themselves and show buyers all the data that the buyer wishes to see. In this way, the seller doesn’t give the buyer direct access to his financial accounts but the buyer can still see and verify the data.


It’s also important to find out what other website assets are owned by a website seller. A buyer should find out if the seller owns other similar websites that could compete with the website being sold to the buyer.’s research tool provides data on other online assets that belong to the same owner. A user simply has to enter the URL of the website he wants to research.

More often than not, sellers will own other websites. It’s important that the buyer uncovers whether all these websites share costs such as website hosting. Or whether all the websites’ revenues are combined and reported in the same financial account such as having one AdSense account for multiple websites.

In this way, the buyer can clearly separate these revenues and costs from the website that he’s interested in and get a clear picture of its independent financials.

6. Backlinks

Backlinks tell a buyer how popular the website is online. The higher the number of backlinks, the higher the website ranks with search engines, and generally, the higher the traffic.

Unfortunately, there are numerous backlink verification tools and they all deliver different results. So it’s best to use all of them to understand the entire portfolio of backlinks that are pointing to the website.

A buyer can use Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer (Moz), Alexa, and Google Webmaster Tools to verify backlinks. The results from each resource will be very different. The buyer can click on backlinks to find out which websites linked to the website for sale. Backlinks from high authority websites are very valuable.


The last thing any website buyer wants is to acquire a website and its domain name and discover that the domain is involved in some uncomfortable legal situation.

The reason why buyers acquire website assets and not registered businesses (such as partnerships or corporations) is in order to avoid inheriting any business liabilities. Similarly, a website asset buyer doesn’t want to acquire legal problems that a domain name may be involved in.

A quick UDRP search will tell a buyer if there are any past or current legal issues pending related to the domain name.

8. Patents & Trademarks

A website sale may involve the purchase of registered patents or trademarks owned by the seller. If the buyer will be acquiring this intellectual property in the website package, he should verify the status of these registrations.

Where these patents and trademarks were registered will determine where the buyer performs his research. The largest public databases are United States Patent and Trademark Office (United States), Canadian Intellectual Property Office (Canada), and Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (European Union). Other countries have their own intellectual property databases.

A buyer should verify that the website seller is the legal registrant of the patents or trademarks by searching these databases.

9. Copyscape

When acquiring websites that are article-driven, due to the high level of content theft online, it’s always a good idea to perform Copyscape research.

This will establish whether the website has unique content or whether the content was plagiarized from another website.

10. Domain Name Appraisal

If the website for sale was built on a premium domain name, it’s important to establish what the domain name alone is worth. A domain name appraisal may be necessary.

Both buyer and seller may opt for a formal in-depth appraisal report as provided by Sedo or Moniker. Or they could perform a quick automated appraisal using online services such as Estibot and Automated appraisals tend to be less accurate than formal appraisals but they can sometimes provide a reasonable price range for the domain name.

If the domain name had changed hands in a previous sale, knowing the past sale price is ideal to perform a domain appraisal. This price could be uncovered from historical records available at NameBio, Estibot, Sedo, or DNJournal.

11. Google Penalty

Due to the huge importance of Google’s search engine traffic to most websites, it’s a good idea to verify that the website has not been penalized or deindexed by Google’s search engine.

There are numerous free online research tools that can verify this including Pixel Groove’s Sandbox and Penalty Checker.

12. Registered Users and Subscribers

Most websites have a list of email subscribers or registered members. It’s important to check these email marketing accounts to verify the number of members claimed by the seller.

Most email marketing services such as MailChimp and Constant Contact have features that allow an Administrator to add users with limited access. A buyer can be added as a user to log in and verify the data. Or a seller can use video conferencing to show and prove these numbers to the buyer.

13. Check Forums

Most website owners and website users are registered members of forums related to the website’s niche. Visiting forums is a great way to understand what people “on the street” think about the website and its products or services.

A simple Google search of the website URL will normally bring up any forum pages where the website has been discussed in the past. What’s great about forums is that a buyer also gets to see the dates when the forum comments were posted. It tells a buyer what the world out there thinks about the website, good or bad, over time.

These are 13 items that every website buyer must verify during due diligence and these are the tools to use to perform these due diligence tasks. Combine these with a little commonsense and any buyer can, and will, perform proper due diligence quickly on any website.

A Girl’s Solo Fun in Vancouver, BC

A little while ago, I shared a brief story about my adventures as a single unemployed girl visiting British Columbia. So I wanted to follow-up on the great time I had while minding my budget and appreciating the generosity of my Aunt Marjorie and her beau, Larry.

Budget Conscious Planning

Vancouver, BC is a very exciting and beautiful place to visit. But it’s also extremely expensive, especially when you are on a very tight budget. One of the first things I did before traveling was Internet research. I wanted to know about safety, fun things to do, touristy things to do, single life, FREE things to do. I found all of that and more. But nothing beats getting there and just finding your way around, which is basically what I did.

Fortunate for me, I did not have any hotel expenses because my Aunt Marjorie gave up her lovely co-op apartment for me to enjoy – which is located just east of downtown Vancouver in a city called Burnaby. The apartment is within a five-minute walking distance to the rail station, known as the SkyTrain and my primary mode of transportation. When I was responsible for my meals, my breakfast consisted of yogurt, fruit and green smoothies; lunch was a sandwich and small salad; and dinner was some type of fish or tuna. I drank a lot of water and tea, and occasionally red wine.

Week One – Become Familiar with Environment

During my first week there, I mainly stayed near the apartment and did local sight-seeing with Aunt Marjorie and Larry. We went to dinner, the mall, and few cultural activities and local shopping. I also spent a lot of time traveling on the SkyTrain and buses with my aunt to learn my way around. I found a local library and because my aunt actively attends the recreation center, I found a Zumba class to attend. Because the recreation city is sponsored by the City of Burnaby, the price of the class was reasonable at $54 for 10 visits. This was not an expense that I had because the classes were gifted to me. But even if I hadn’t participated in the class, there was more than enough opportunity to get some exercise in with sightseeing and walking.

The good thing about light rail services is that passengers get to relax and observe. I took notice of where things were and what we were passing. Something that I found so hilarious was seeing a Dollar Tree. It caught my attention because it was a sign of familiarity, and well, just created normalcy for me in a new place. And plus I could buy inexpensive snacks at $1.25 CAD. But then there was Starbucks, too, which is very familiar (and pricey). And of course, a girl can’t pass up a mall. Whether buying small gift items, window shopping, or spending time hanging out while surfing the web and taking in the cultural atmosphere, I spent a lot of time at The Metropolis at Metrotown, which was two train stations from the apartment. It is a very nice mall with over 400 shops. I’m a people watcher, and that’s free, so for the price of a train ticket, the mall was a good place to hang out and just be around the energy of other people. Needless to say, I made several trips to the mall to see everything.

The Holiday Spirit in Vancouver

I took my trip between November and December because I wanted to spend one of my American holidays in Canada, so I picked Thanksgiving. While Canada has its own Thanksgiving holiday (celebrated second Monday in October), there are many restaurants that cater to the American holiday tradition, serving turkey and dressing. The restaurant we visited on the American Thanksgiving Day is called White Spot. It’s a Canadian chain restaurant with good food and friendly service. It’s very family friendly and offers menu variety at reasonable prices. The Roast Turkey Dinner is one of their classic meals that includes roast turkey, mashed potatoes, home-style stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and a seasonal vegetable. You can’t ever go wrong with this traditional meal choice.

With the Christmas holiday just around the corner, as you can imagine, the lights and decorations started to pop up. But there was no snow or really cold weather — maybe raining a bit — and temperatures generally remaining in the 60s. That is one of the beauties of Vancouver, its weather, which is some of the warmest in Canada. They miss the cold because the Rocky Mountains block it, but you can anticipate more rain. While I originally wanted to visit during the spring or early summer, I visited during an ideal time, and loved it. At this point, Christmas lights and decorations are starting to spring up, so to get me in the Christmas mood, I visited a holiday bazaar at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts. This is a beautiful multi-use facility at Deer Lake Park. It was the usual bazaar with lots of arts and crafts vendors and hourly entertainment, but it was good way to round out my first week during my trip.

Week Two – Begin Exploration On My Own

I felt very safe alone on the train. As a matter of fact, Vancouver felt safe and looked really clean. After the first week, I was able to begin venturing out on my own. To me, travel on the rail was expensive. But in comparison to renting a car and paying for gas, I can’t complain. The train rates are by zones beginning at $2.50 for one and $5.00 for travel through three. And the fares only last for an hour and a half so you have to really plan your trip or be prepared to keep paying fares. The other option was to buy a day pass for $9.00. As with any urban area, be mindful of rush hour traffic. The trains get pretty packed. The majority of the people in metro Vancouver rely on the train for travel.

A quaint little city near where I was staying was New Westminster. It is also where my aunt’s beau lives. As we were traveling there one evening for dinner, I noticed a little boutique store I wanted to visit. So the next day, I took the train over and walked around looking at shops. I noticed a sign for a lunch special, which seemed reasonable, and I stopped into Okonomi Sushi, which was voted in 2013 for having the best sushi. I ordered the Dynamite Sushi Roll lunch box with chicken teriyaki and salad tempura. So not very exciting because this is what I always order, but it was new experience having lunch alone in a foreign place.

Prepping for the Second Half

During my travel back to the apartment, I noticed a banner on the train for the 102nd Grey Cup being hosted in downtown Vancouver. Of course, I didn’t know what the Grey Cup was but I saw there was going to be a parade, outdoor festival and street vendors. I was already making plans for my Week Three weekend activities to head into the big city alone. Stay tuned to find out how I couldn’t stay away from downtown Vancouver.